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July Core Challenge!

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Yesss! You just dedicated 14 consecutive days to your core! You're hard core!Hard Core!


The July Core Challenge begins tomorrow (Monday)!

We are so excited for the next 10 days and really hope you enjoy the challenge!

A big welcome to those of you we haven’t yet met and a huge welcome back to those who we haven’t seen in awhile! (Here is a brief introduction to Katie and I if you haven’t met us before). We are really looking forward to moving with you all!

Let’s get prepared

The Details:

10 Days • 10 Mins • 10 Videos

For each day of the challenge you have one 10 minute video of core focused exercises to complete. These are follow along combinations of some of our favourite and most effective exercises, cleverly choreographed to get the most out of 10 minutes! This challenge is open to all levels with options given so that you can tailor your practice to make it easier or more challenging. This challenge is also postnatal friendly. We always encourage you to listen to your body when exercising. Focus on the quality of your technique over repetitions of the exercises always. If you have had a break from your Pilates or are new to our style then please feel free to watch the video before you do it, or pause as many times as you need. If you have any questions please reach out - we are here to help!

To access the videos, head to your account on, or the App if you are using that instead. The videos are under the 'My Challenges' section (screenshot attached) You can track each day through your account...I'll be keeping track too and cheering you on!


Complete the whole challenge - each video, each day, for 10 days - and you've earned yourself a free online class of your choice!


The videos are yours to keep after the challenge!

Let’s set up for success

  • Decide WHEN in your day you want to do your daily video. This can help strengthen your commitment. Get specific about the time you are dedicating - create a mini routine for yourself over the next 10 days and sail through the Challenge!

  • Give some thought to the HOWs - how will you set up your practice space for the challenge? How can you create the best conditions for yourself to stay committed to the challenge? How will you stay dedicated if your day gets busy or you are feeling tired? Make a few plans to support your success.

  • Focus on the WHY. This is the key to motivation (and discipline!). Take a moment to hone in on why you are doing this Challenge. I am doing this July Core Challenge because I…

- Feel good when I move each day - Want to feel stronger - Want to have something fun to focus on which gets me moving each day - Want to build my stamina to get back into Pilates classes

What is it for you? Get specific and keep it present in your mind as you head into the next 10 days.

Day 1 begins with Katie - keep us posted on how you get on - we hope you enjoy!!

Anna and Katie xx


Welcome to the group! 10 days • 10 mins • 10 videos - Let's ...


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