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Dec 11 - Dec 17
















Always remember to listen to your body when exercising. Never push through pain. Quality over quantity, technique over repetitions always. While I am here to help, your body is your responsibility and you undertake exercise at your own risk. Please be sure to notify me if you are working with any injuries or conditions and if you are pregnant, or postnatal. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!


Pilates-Yoga Flow

An energising mix of Pilates with Yoga to open up the body and get your week off to a good start. Suitable for those with either Pilates or Yoga experience.


Dynamic Pilates

A Pilates mat class which combines Pilates, functional fitness and dance conditioning. This class will build body awareness and strength, while increasing ease and range of movement. Tailored challenges keep you progressing both mentally and physically.


Beginners Dynamic Pilates

This is a class is accessible for those new or recently new to Dynamic Pilates. The class combines Pilates, functional fitness and dance conditioning, which will gently build strength, increase freedom of movement and improve posture and body awareness. It is also a great class when you are in need of taking things a little slower or are returning after a break.


Pilates Workout

This is a challenging Pilates class which incorporates functional fitness, light cardio and elements of dance conditioning. This class helps you build tone, strength and stamina fast. Perfect for those who liked to be pushed! 


Seated to Standing Pilates

A gentle class which progresses from seated to standing exercises. Working through each part of the body to mobilise and align, activating muscles to support healthy posture and functional balance. This class is suitable for all ages and abilities.


Pilates HIIT

Pilates and High Intensity Interval Training meet in a perfect combination of cardiovascular and effective strength training. Alternating short bursts of aerobic exercise to get the heart rate up, with periods of anaerobic/lower intensity exercises and rest, this class gets you fit fast. Adaptable to all levels.


Pilates Flow

A feel good Pilates mat class perfect for gently building strength, increasing freedom of movement, developing control, coordination and beautiful alignment/posture.


Stretch & Unwind

30 minutes of movement to help you unwind from your day and ease into your evening.


Pilates Focus

Core. Glutes. Arms. Legs. A short and sweet challenging session which focuses on a different part of the body each time.


Gentle Pilates

A gentle class of nourishing, mindful movement to begin or end your day. This class is also a great place to start if you are new to exercise. 


Pilates Release

Release, re-balance and relax with a unique blend of Pilates and equipment-based* release exercises. The perfect tonic to desk based posture and excellent for re-patterning and re-balancing over/under-worked muscles. This class will leave you feeling amazing!

*We will use a mixture of foam rollers, spikey balls and bands.



This class combines isometric conditioning exercises with elements of pilates, dance, and functional, body-weight training. Amazing for the glutes and legs! You will need a chair or something to hold onto that is roughly waist height. Be prepared to have fun and work hard!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are specifically tailored to you, in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you best. If you are new to Pilates these are a brilliant way to kickstart your Pilates journey. Alternatively, if you are more familiar with Pilates they can be a great way to deepen your understanding and advance your practice. Please give us a call or send us an email to enquire further.

Class Descriptions

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