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July Core Challenge!

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Press Up Rock Star!
Hard Core!

Day 5! Halfway through!

How are you getting on? Have you enjoyed the past 5 days? Are you looking forward to the next 5?

The saying goes “1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration” the same could be said for Motivation and Discipline. Halfway through your 10 day challenge, how is your motivation : discipline ratio?

Here is an acrostic created by Brené Brown that often helps me to DIG deep:

GET D -- Deliberate in your thoughts, intentions and behaviour.

GET I -- Inspired by your who, what, how and why.

GET G -- Going, take action!

At this point in the challenge, we are bringing it to All Fours. Here is a bonus 5 minute wrist warm up you can do before beginning your videos:

We hope you enjoy the next 5 days of the July Core Challenge!

Anna and Katie xx


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