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July Glute Challenge!

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Challenges accepted and aced!Press Up Rock Star!
Yesss! You just dedicated 14 consecutive days to your core! You're hard core!Hard Core!

It's Day 8! And Week 2! We are definitely on the final leg of the Challenge now ... I hope you are enjoying it - it has been great following you reactions and receiving your feedback! 😁 Keep up the amazing work and I hope you enjoy the final 3 days of the Challenge! 💪🏾🎉

There has been a bit of a website glitch this time round that has meant a number of you lost access to your videos at one point or another - If this happens to anyone else please reach out and let me know and I will sort it.

(The issue itself is being worked on by Wix the website people, but in the meantime I have found a solution that works and will keep you right on track). Apologies again if this has happened to you at all.


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