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Spring Challenge!

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Challenges accepted and aced!Press Up Rock Star!
Yesss! You just dedicated 14 consecutive days to your core! You're hard core!Hard Core!

Huge Congratulations on making it through this 28 day Spring Challenge!!! I hope you feel stronger in your upper body, more confident in taking on Press Ups and that you achieved your goal or are well on the way! Most importantly I hope you enjoyed yourself!!🤩💪🏽💖 I have loved hearing how you have got on, what you achieved and your lovely feedback - thank you!! 🙏🏼 Keep it up the wonderful work and these videos are here for you anytime you want to return to them and to help you keep building and maintaining your strength! I am looking forward to the next Challenge already!! 😃



Welcome to the group! 😁 A space to check in and keep the mo...


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